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Femme Goddess Co. is an autonomous community centered organization deeply committed to empowering Black, Indigenous, Queer, Trans, Womxn, Femmes, Gender Expansive and or Gender Non-Conforming Folks of Color as they free themselves from deep seated colonial mentality, break cycles of internalized oppression and heal generations of trauma.

Through various creative mediums, wellness offerings, and a lifestyle brand, Femme Goddess Co. centers radical healing and revolutionary love as a means for our personal and collective liberation.

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‘Femme Goddess’ signifies a rebirth - shedding of skin, reconnecting with source within me, celebrating my magic and stepping into my power. It embodies a deep love and adoration of the entirety of my being. 

‘Femme’ is a queer identity that is characterized by a very bold, in-your-face, feminine gender expression which challenges traditional notions of femininity. Thus, ‘Femme’ is a political reclamation- as femininity is often associated with being submissive and compliant. I refuse to make myself small for the comfort of others even if I am seen as “too much”. As a high femme, I consciously choose to celebrate my queerness and unapologetically embrace how ‘extra’ I am. ‘Femme’, however, is not limited to aesthetics or how I decide to present. More importantly, it is reclaiming the divine feminine energy that I embody. I assert myself as a soft, tender and powerful being in a world that has held me hostage, enslaved me and stripped me away from my direct connection to spirit.


A ‘Goddess’ is a carrier of wisdom, a healer. It is someone who harnesses the power of their life force energy. Who recognizes that everything they need is within themselves. Who serves as a vessel through which spirit and ancestral knowledge flows through. A 'Goddess' is a cosmic, magical, sacred and divine spiritual being. Who transcends into their higher self. One that is continuously evolving. I honor my intuitive gifts as medicine and worship myself by embodying the energy of 'Femme Goddess'.

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