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VISIONARIES is a private reading group for folks who identify with one or more of the following identities:

- Black, Indigenous, Queer, Trans, People of Color
- Gender Non-Conforming and or Gender Expansive Folks of Color
- Womxn of Color 

Benefits include:

- Access to reading recommendations
- Accompanying worksheets with infographics, guiding questions, suggested activities, writing prompts etc.

- Accountability through weekly check in's
- Monthly discussions in person and or virtually via Zoom 
- Y mas...

The intention is to cultivate a space dedicated to reading as a healing and transformative tool. 

* $6 contribution per discussion.

Please fill out the interest form below to stay up to date. Please note that this is a general interest form. This means that you'll be notified when our new cycles begin, so you can sign up when registration opens up.


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