Fashion Show

Pink to Orange Gradient

“Worshipping the Goddexx Within”


Adoración is an annual fashion show showcasing the latest collections from Femme Goddess Co’s lifestyle brand. ‘Adoración’ directly translates to adornment and worship. By adorning our bodies and channeling our inner goddexx down the pasarela, we actively engage in the powerful practice of self worship. Through this platform, we also feature emerging BIQTPOC designers, models and other independent creatives as a means to elevate their work. All of the legendary, bold, extravagant, glamourous, and iconic looks curated are brought to life through the infusion of makeup, hair, and fashion collaborations.


Though the artistry showcased is undeniable, Adoración is more about what we are saying with the pieces than the pieces themselves. Because the fashion and beauty industries uphold unrealistic body standards and intentionally place value on thin, abled bodies with eurocentric characteristics, we see the urgency to create space for all bodies that exist outside those standards. Queer fashion is inovative and imaginative. It is a form of resistance- a social, cultural, and political protest. It is a means for creating awareness, making a statement, and communicating a greater message. It is a movement empowering BIQTPOC to be their authentic selves unapologetically. 


Adoración is an ode to nuestros antepasados who were unable to be freely open due to fear of their own safety given the conditions of the society they lived in. While we recognize that these circumstances haven’t vanished and we continue to live in a patriarchal, heteronormative, white supremacist world, we also want to pay respect to our BIQTPOC ancestors, particularly drag queens who have and continue to pave the way for our radical worship. We honor them by being as open, loud, and authentic as possible. We exist. We are beautiful, magical and sacred beings. 

On the night of our fashion show, the lights shine bright, nuestros cuerpos become altares, and the runway becomes a visual embodiment of revolutionary love.


Femme Goddess Co.

East Los Angeles, CA 90063


Phone: (213) 663-4969

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