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Sahara-Yvette Zamudio

Intern, 2020 Cohort

Sahara-Yvette Zamudio (she/her) is an East Los Angeles born and based artivist, cultural worker, daughter of Mexican immigrants, and first generation student. She recently received her EdM in Arts in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and completed her undergraduate studies at Colgate University in Women’s Studies and Art/Art History. Her studies and activism center community organizing and the use of art for healing, resisting, and re-membering. Working as a museum educator, she urges her students to challenge power in institutional spaces and be critical of what stories are being shared and by who. Sahara dreams of one day opening up a community led art space that centers joy and radical imagination. She loves to care for her plantitas, doodle, paint, and spend time in nature. Sahara shares the urgency of Femme Goddess Co.’s mission to celebrate and uplift femme, queer, indigenous stories, experiences, and wellness. She is beyond excited to be a part of that necessary work built in community through collaboration.


Jazmin Briones

Intern, 2020 Cohort

Jazmin Briones Garcia (she/her) was born and raised in El Monte, California. Upon graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz as a Feminist Studies and Psychology major, she embarked on her mission to empower communities by providing spaces of comfort, healing, and love whether it be in their personal life with friends and family, volunteering at the Violence Intervention Program, or working as an educator. Her current goals are to apply to Graduate School at California State University, Fullerton to receive a Masters in School Counseling and ultimately become a High School counselor. Jazmin is committed to the life long journey of spiritual work and as such understands the importance in providing healthy nurturing spaces.


Darlene Garcia

Intern, 2022 Cohort

Darlene Garcia (she/her) is a Queer Chicana from South Central who prides themselves in their artistic abilities. She is currently a fourth year transfer student attending the University of California, Los Angeles. Given the hardships she has encountered particularly as it relates to striving for acceptance and self-love, Darlene has been on a continual path of healing as a means to nurture a positive relationship with herself. Moreover, she is deeply passionate about shedding light on the challenges many women of color face and supporting her community. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Chicanx Studies and Sociology, her primary goal is to attend graduate school, continue her research on tamaleras and pursue a career in community outreach.

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