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Artist | Space Holder | Wellness Practitioner | Creative Director | Writer | Dancer | Producer | Radio Host

Mónica Hurtado Torres is an unapologetic Queer Xicana Indigena born in Napa, California- the daughter of immigrant parents from Michoacán, Mexico, and the second eldest of four mujeres. She received her Bachelor’s in Chicana(o) Studies and Sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2018. Mónica is the founder and CEO of Femme Goddess Co. - an autonomous organization deeply committed to empowering Black, Indigenous, Queer, Trans, Womxn of Color, Femmes, Gender Non-Conforming and or Gender Expansive Folks as they free themselves from deep seated colonial mentality, break cycles of internalized oppression and heal generations of trauma.


Mónica’s lived experiences along with her profound commitment to both her inner and community centered healing justice work, has resulted in transformative spiritual awakenings. By cutting herself open as a portal and sharing her ongoing process in liberating herself from everything that has or continues to keep her captive, she allows others to witness her sacred practice in the most intimate, raw, and authentic way. 


Mónica utilizes her own testimonio as a transformative tool for empowering others to go within and find their inner healer while contributing to the awakening of our collective consciousness and the birth of our new world. 


She does this through various mediums including, but not limited to, writing, spoken word, body adornment, portraiture, dance, and other creative forms. Mónica interrogates topics such as mental health, holistic wellness, love, spirituality, queerness, identity, etc. In addition to her creative work, Mónica has a variety of offerings specifically for BIQTPOC including 1-1 Guidance Sessions, Community Care Circles, Wellness Workshops and Healing Retreats.


At its’ core, Monica’s life's work through Femme Goddess Co. centers radical healing and revolutionary love as a means for our personal and collective liberation.

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Towards Black liberation and Indigenous Soviergnty 


Guided by my intuition, I continue my path towards liberation of self through practicing radical healing and revolutionary love. I have and will continue to dedicate my life to this ongoing journey as a means to (re)connect to my higher being, find wholeness within and live in purpose.


'Femme Goddess' is an embodiment of my multifaceted self. It is intended to be a space for me to document my reflections, inner wisdom and the powerful teachings that I have gained particularly as they relate to developing self-awareness, healing from trauma, fostering personal growth, and loving myself wholeheartedly. It will serve as an archive of my experiential knowledge and a portfolio of my creative work. Through this platform, I am consciously choosing to honor myself and share my gifts as offerings.

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