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500+ years of colonization characterized by white supremacy, institutional racism, corruption, police brutality, capitalism, patriarchy, mass incarceration, state violence and other systems of oppression that have existed to kill us mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We have and continue to experience death - genocide.

Dismantling and abolishing the institutions of colonial violence that have directly affected our Black community members is at the forefront of this Black led revolution.

It is during this time of uprising, collective consciousness and direct action, as the fight for liberation continues, that we must center radical healing and revolutionary love. To practice community care by offering our gifts to el movimiento that we are here en madre tierra for.

Holding onto the hope que “otro mundo es posible”. The visionaries of a new world.

The fire has been ignited. From destruction comes creation. From flames to ashes. From ashes to rebirth.

This is the moment we had been both anticipating and waiting for. The moment our ancestors prepared us for.

2020 | Prophecy Manifested.

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