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Updated: Dec 19, 2019

You said we could stay in the same bed

And a part of me wanted that

I wanted to lay down next to you

Wishing this was all a dream

Hoping you'd turn around and cuddle me

Tell me that you love me

Give me my goodnight kiss

And wake up next to you in the morning

But it wasn't a dream

I had to face reality

Should I stay in the same bed with my ex partner?

The one who betrayed me, who hurt me, the reason for the deep pain I am experiencing...

Maybe it'd give me some comfort

It'd ease the transition of letting go

Is that what you wanted?


I can't

I don't think I could sleep knowing your right beside me

Being so close to you, yet so far from each other

I don't think I could stand knowing that while your physically with me

Your not actually here with me

That your probably thinking about the other person

I can't do that to myself

As much as I crave the comfort

The pain is stronger

You don't get to have access to me in that way anymore

I need my space

I have to begin accepting que nunca mas volveremos a dormir en la misma cama

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