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You find yourself in the darkness once again

It's a place you know too well

Yet, it suddenly feels so foreign and fear plagues your reality

You falsely believe that this time

This time, there isn't a way out

But though it feels eternal

Apart of you attempts to convince yourself otherwise

To hang on tight to that piece of diminishing hope

You reach out to spark a candle

With that limited light, you shower yourself with compassion you don't think you deserve

You allow yourself the time and space you don't think you can afford

You give yourself permission to solely exist as you see the night turn day

Over and over again

You wake up

Open your eyes

Take a deep breath

And as you glance over at the candle, you see the flame go out

But are ignited within

You are reminded that it is through the darkness

That you find your inner light

You feel a little lighter

Breathing becomes a bit easier

Slowly you start coming back

Back home to your body

The light within you is glowing brighter than ever before

But you carry your matches in your right hand

For whenever you find yourself in the darkness again

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