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Updated: Nov 19, 2019

I am grateful to have my own sacred space where I can go to that feels like home

Where I feel safe

Where I can rest

My bed is my sanctuary

But too often my bed is also a space where I frequently feel small and not myself

When I am not feeling good I find myself laying in bed for hours or sometimes even days

Wrapped up with my robe I always wear and snuggled beneath my blankets

I yearn for comfort

It's like I close off to the world around me

Nothing else exists

Nadamas yo

Mi cuerpo, mente, corazon, y espiritu

Feelings of overwhelming sadness and hopelessness

I feel as though I'm sinking into my sheets

Making it seemingly impossible to get up

Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

Given that I have been slowly getting out of a mental health relapse, I wanted to take photos of myself feeling strong and beautiful as a way to reclaim my space

In my bed

In my robe

But this time with my lights on

My makeup done

My hair pulled back

My chin up and with glitter all over my chest

Glowing like the muthaflowen queen that I am and embodying resilience

For me, by me.

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