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December 15, 2019

Connecting with Dr. Rocío Rosales Meza and her powerful work has been incredibly affirming. The moment I connected with her, I felt seen and heard... in a way I had never before.

Dr. Rocío Rosales Meza is a Xicana intuitive, energy worker, healer, and coach. Her work centers decolonizing our mind and liberating our spirit for our collective healing. She does this through empowering and guiding Black, Indigenous, Womxn of Color to confront colonial mentality, break the cycle of ancestral trauma and reclaim our intuition.

Witnessing her stand in her power and contribute to the collective in ways my spirit has been called to- was such a powerful confirmation. My existence, healing journey, and liberatory work felt incredibly validated.

When Dr. Rocío Rosales Meza announced her first event, I knew I couldn't miss it. I am so happy everything aligned for me to attend.

I made the drive out from DTLA after connecting with incredible mujeres at the Latinas Who Brunch event.

On my drive, I was reflecting a lot on the incredible spaces I've been guided to.

Everything I have been praying for- is finding its way to me.

I am facing my fears, showing up for myself, and finding my tribe.

The Sacred Circle she facilitated on Reclaiming Intuition and Decolonizing Minds took place at 'Above and Below: Community Magick Collective' in Santa Ana. After on opening meditation, Dr. Rosales Meza invited us to ask questions and receive intuitive guidance. I got all of the confirmations I wasn't consciously aware I needed. Below I share some of the downloads we received.

Downloads Received

1. Hurt people- hurt people.

2. My biggest spiritual teacher is my wound. The answers are in my pain.

3. Healing takes place in your heart by feeling, not in your head by thinking.

4. Being okay with nothingness and recognizing that we are inherently worthy. Feeling completely worthless to get to that point of realizing our inner worth.

5. The fact that you are in debt for taking time "off" to honor your wellness, is a symptom of the capitalistic system in place.

6. The need to constantly serve and inability to just be, comes from a legacy of servitude that deems us unworthy otherwise.

7. We do not need permission from institutions to practice our gifts. I am constantly learning and preparing myself in ways that no institution could ever.

8. We need people outside and within the academy to dismantle colonial institutions. If called to pursue "higher education", do so- but take your time. You do not have to adhere to colonial timelines.

9. Making decisions out of lack mentality will keep you feeling unworthy- no matter what you seek outside of yourself. We must feel whole within and make decisions from a place of wholeness.

10. Do not compare yourself to others who are "successful"- people who subscribe to whiteness and the colonial systems in place. I dream of radical healing and revolutionary love as a means for personal and collective liberation. Wellness is success.

I was in complete shock. All of the messages received were powerful confirmations. It was like my inner universe was being reflected back to me. Echoes of my intuition...

Despues I'll go in depth about each of these in connection to my life, pero for now I just needed to finally release this.

"I completely and permanently accept this healing for my ancestors and I in all times, all spaces, and all dimensions."

Dr. Rocío Rosales Meza

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