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Did you fall for them as you saw how our relationship was depicted on social media?

When you were liking and commenting on the photos of us

Did you envision yourself in my place?

Where you really going to fly out to go dancing with us?

What were your intentions?

How did it feel to know it was an affair?

That while they were talking to you, they were coming home to me

Do you think they won't do that to you?

Did I cross your mind at all?

I wish you would have respected our relationship

But then again it was my partner who allowed it

Who broke boundaries we had set

Who betrayed and deceived me

Thank you, I guess...

Because it was through you that I got to see who I was really with

Thank you for feeding into their heightened ego

Thank you for falling for the facade they portray

I hope one day you'll see through all of it

Hopefully sooner than I did

Thank you for liberating me

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