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Updated: Dec 20, 2021

“An Unapologetic Lifestyle Brand Honoring Body Adornment as a Radical Sacred Practice”

Given that our bodies have been a place of conquest for centuries, reclaiming and honoring them is a revolutionary act. ‘Adoración’ directly translates to adornment and worship. By participating in the ritual of adornment, we are in ceremony with ourselves - honoring every inch of our being.

Adoración Lifestyle Brand

Adoración, Femme Goddess Co.'s Lifestyle Brand, is an ode to our bodies as sacred vessels. Intentionally adorning our bodies is a form of ritual, a sacred practice, a ceremony.

One through which our cuerpos become altares.

Adoración is dedicated to the embodied resistance against eurocentric beauty standards and gender binaries by Black, Indigenous, Queer, Trans, People of Color through fashion. Adoración centers BIQTPOC folks as trendsetters and honors the radiance in our communities.

Our inspiration comes from the rancho, the hood, drag queens, and indigenous regalia. Our style sits at the intersection of rancherx, street, high fashion, indigequeer estilos - una mezcla of my identities.

Our lifestyle brand consists of a variety of apparel, jewelry, accessories, beauty and stationery made to speak boldly and take up all the space that you deserve. We hope that with these pieces you feel empowered to walk in your own power.

To stand out in all your glory.

All proceeds support the healing and liberatory work we do through our autonomous community based organization, Femme Goddess Co.

Support el movimiento towards Black Liberation and Indigenous Sovereignty!

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