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"Your strength and transparency have inspired me everyday since I met you Monie. You are own of the most influential people in my life and I am so happy to have had the privilege to meet with you. When I'm really down, I just think about our sessions. I've never been exposed to ANYONE like YOU and I want you to truly know how much you've allowed me to understand about myself. Your warmth and transparency constantly encourages me to put in the necessary work".

"Monie helped me realize the strength and light I had during very dark moments in my life. She helped me reflect so much and played an important role in facilitating a lot of the reflection when it came to doing the internal- mental, emotional and spiritual work for myself. What I found most supportive was her ability to disarm my worries and insecurities. She did this by holding space for me through guiding questions and creative exercises intended to help me process and manifest the pain along with all of the complexities that I felt during these times. I truly felt safe whenever talking to her about the deepest, rawest parts of myself. I never felt judged when talking about the heaviest things I was going through. Sessions with Monie were a staple in my support system especially when it came to unpacking topics like emotional/physical intimacy along with unlearning the fear and shame I had towards my own sexuality-- these sessions would always remind me of the autonomy I had and the beauty within me".

"Meeting with Monica was my first experience in having sessions to talk about my holistic health and I can honestly say it changed my life. During our sessions, I unpacked and talked about things I had never before. I gained an awareness of how important my emotional and spiritual health was and gained tangible tools on how to practice self-preservation and self-love. Monica created a very special space where I always felt safe, listened, affirmed, validated and brave".

"Monie creates such a safe space. She not only taught me that healing is a lifelong journey, but has shown me. Witnessing her travel through difficult emotional spaces and times, helped guide me through my own traumas. She was/still is a much needed sound board- one that I've been unable to replace in her absence".

"Monie is such a beautiful soul. Her transparency serves as guidance. Her strong communication skills showcase her intellectual talents. The time I spent with her never felt wasteful. She cares about what she does and about those who confide in her- wholeheartedly".

"I found it really supportive that Monica affirmed that the space could be used how I wished. I found every body scan, meditation and breathing exercise to be really healing. It was also really powerful to have Monica walk me through how she processes emotions, and trauma through sharing her own reflection process. In doing so, it helped me able to do the same for myself".

"Monica helped me improve my relationship with my mind, body, and soul. I now listen to my body and am able to identify how my emotions show up physically. Meeting with Monica also made me ready to go to therapy and establish other healthy habits to manage my stress and anxiety. We worked through feelings of loneliness, sadness, anxiety, secondary trauma, and relationships".

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