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Art Exhibit

“A Revealing and Reawakening of Wholeness through the Engagement of Medicinal Arts”

Ticiyotl is our Annual Art Exhibit which brings together Black, Indigenous, Queer, Trans People of Color and or Womxn of Color artists to showcase their work.

Ticiyotl is a gathering in celebration of the artistry that lives and breathes in our communities. It is an extension of Medicina Open Mic - an expansion of the work done to collectively heal and radically imagine through the centering of BIQTPOC creativity. Annually occurring, we hope to foster a space of exploration and engagement through Ticiyotl’s exhibit. Featuring both visual and performance community based artists, we aim to dismantle white superiority within the arts.


Ticiyotl is a space open to all community members where we not only are witness to the artistic excellence in our communities, but are given the opportunity to connect, expand, and interrogate the ideas and themes present. To hold the pain, the joy, and the hope that is expressed and felt in the art. And to give space to the radical futures we are co-creating. Ticiyotl is an ofrenda devoted to the recovery of humanity through finding our own inner wholeness, and allowing ourselves to collectively dream.

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