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Reading Group

“Fostering a Space Dedicated to Reading as a Healing and Transformative Tool”

Visionaries is a private reading group for folks who identify with one or more of the following identities: BIQTPOC, Gender Non-Conforming or Expansive Folks of Color, and or Womxn of Color.


Visionaries takes a decolonial approach in that we do not replicate oppressive spaces such as educational institutions, but rather actively dismantle and re-envision what learning spaces can look like. What makes Visionaries unique from other reading groups is that the intentionally curated book selection is used as a guide specifically to support us in our personal and collective healing journeys. We center the self rather than the book itself. The focal point becomes putting the lessons being offered to us in theory into praxis for our own healing. 


Every new cycle opens and closes with the beginning and ending of a book. We open up by grounding ourselves through setting intentions, reading goals, and community guidelines before embarking on our shared journey. Group members are provided with an accompanying inner workbook which includes infographics, suggested activities, and supplemental guiding questions aimed at enhancing their overall experience. 


During our weekly discussions, members are provided the opportunity to reflect, connect, and share any insights that arose from the readings in relation to themselves. The Visionaries space opens itself up for deep introspection and collective visualization which paves the way for radical healing and the creation of a new imagined reality.

Benefits include:

- Access to reading recommendations
- Accompanying worksheets with infographics, guiding questions, suggested activities, writing prompts etc.

- Accountability through weekly check in's
- Monthly discussions in person and or virtually via Zoom 
- Y mas...

The intention is to cultivate a space dedicated to reading as a healing and transformative tool. 

* $6 contribution per discussion.

Please fill out the interest form below to stay up to date. Please note that this is a general interest form. This means that you'll be notified when our new cycles begin, so you can sign up when registration opens up.


“It's been so giving - giving with each other and giving to ourselves. I received so much. This book and this space allows you to be taken care of.” - Jenny

“It was beyond my expectations. It expanded my idea of what community healing means and what love means and what that journey and that path is all about for myself. The inner growth and healing that I have been doing in this community and just being able to be vulnerable has been empowering. There is a lot of nourishment.” - Cynthia

"I am very appreciative of this space. It was by some sort of divine intervention - landing in this reading group. This whole community was super transformative to me. If I would have known any of you before the reading group, you would see that I am a completely different person now. I don't know when it happened or how it happened, but it did. I am extremely grateful." - Ariel

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