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I have been experiencing deep pain and inner turmoil over the past month due to both the shadow work that I have been doing and the ways in which anyone and anything that is not in alignment with my higher self has been harshly removed from my life. I was sinking in sorrow and grief. Processing feelings of anger and resentment. On a continual search for acceptance and healing.

Although I am in a place of clarity now, I couldn’t see it’s purpose then and it doesn’t eliminate the suffering that I am still undergoing.

But I am slowly practicing conscious awareness which has strengthened my connections to higher dimensions and served as spiritual guidance. I have witnessed the countless synchronicities unfold before my eyes.

Portals of self discovery and transformation often come through the form of breakdowns which result in profound breakthroughs. I have been experiencing death. But it is only through death, that we experience rebirth.

Embracing the duality and cyclical nature of this process. Feeling the range of emotions. Releasing the illusion of control. Shedding what no longer serves me. Moving away from resisting and towards receiving. Becoming in harmony with the universe.

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