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The Medicine Wheel: A Compass Towards Holistic Wellness

By immersing ourselves in the wisdom of the medicine wheel, we are invited to engage in reflection, guiding us to uncover our needs and learn how we can tend to the different aspects of our being. This encourages balance and harmony in mind, body, heart, and spirit. Through honoring this interconnectedness, we cultivate a deeper connection not only with ourselves but also with the elements of creation. Our goal is to walk away with tangible practices we can integrate into our own lives and a renewed sense of commitment to our wellbeing.


Radical Healing and Revolutionary Love as Liberation

The intention of this platica is to envision what our personal and collective liberation would look like by placing healing and love at the forefront.  Through identifying remnants of trauma and areas of blockages, we can elevate our consciousness and liberate ourselves from what keeps us captive.

Finding the Healer Within

The intention of this workshop is to guide you back home to yourself. By going inward through guided self-reflection activities, we will cultivate deep self-awareness and tap into our inner wisdom to create our path towards healing.

Creative Writing

Through guided activities and writing prompts, we will explore the power of writing as a creative medium.

Mindful Communication

This workshop will break down how to communicate in a mindful way. Through a presentation and accompanying worksheets, it aims to give you the knowledge and tools you need to communicate in a healthy way.

The Impact of Colonialism and Oppression on Wellness

In this workshop, we dive into the effect colonialism and oppressions has on wellness. Understanding the relationship between colonial violence and internalized oppression on mental health disorders garners profound realizations.

Duration: 2 hours

Rates vary on workshop needs

Codex Powerpoint Background.png
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