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January 11, 2020

I had lost complete track of time and space that before I knew it, everyone had left. As I walked towards my car- I glanced over at the park and there they were.

The sign couldn't have been clearer.

Inspired by the elders who shared that they felt called to talk conmigo after the Mental Wellness Gathering on Suicide Prevention and Harm Reduction, I decided to approach the two mujeres who I felt I needed to connect with.

I left my things in the car and walked over. I didn't yet know why, but I trusted that my ancestors were guiding me to them. Sin saber what I was even gunna say, pero ahy iva... jaja

We connected instantly and of course...

One of the mujeres was a part of a danza that I used to be in.... the circulo my spirit longed to return to (which I did and I'll share a little bit about in the future).

And, I came to find that the other mujer was Jenny Viveros- who I had been wanting to take a Latin Burlesque course from for some time now.

Before we parted ways, we realized that the last Mental Wellness Gathering hosted by the Indigenous Circle of Wellness was gunna be on an upcoming Saturday, followed by the Latin Burlesque class on Sunday and the first Danza Ceremony, since the Winter Solstice, on Monday.

Everything literally aligned.

February 9, 2020

I woke up feeling pretty tired after having a long night and been busy for weeks, but I jumped into the shower. I quickly did my makeup and was a bit nervous to change into my lingerie... Pero it was time. I decided to wear a two piece black set which was selected for me by Betty from Las Sucias Social Club for our Lingerie Runway Show a few months back. I remember how powerful I felt in it.

I got dressed, put my black pleather skirt on, fluffy cheetah print coat and black platform heels.

I got all excited the moment I had my heels on y toda la cosa.

Added some turquoise hoops and wore my bright turquoise lipstick- my go to signature look.

I walked out of mi carrito all timida, but the moment I entered Fitness Girl Bootcamp- I felt my body relax... and I smiled.

I was surrounded by beautiful Mujeres of Color and soon greeted by Jenny. She walked over with her contagious smile, fire outfit, bouncy curls, and the incredible energy her presence carries.

I was offered some bomb bubbly champagne which I got to enjoy a little bit before starting as I witnessed some of the mujeres finishing up their makeup and others putting on their heels etc. Pheww.. thankfully cus I still needed to put my lashes and wings on, so I could feel like that B! hehe. It was beautiful to witness how body adornment was celebrated as we got ready- for our damn selves.

Jenny opened up space by sharing a little bit about her and what brought her to her work.

Latin Burlesque was born as dance therapy in order to heal the feminine. Jenny taps into the femininity that we all carry and has used dance as a form of empowerment and healing through self-expression.

She then invited us all to introduce ourselves and why we were here. I resonated so deeply with everything, Jenny and all of the mujeres present, shared with the collective.

It was so relieving to be reminded that I am not on my own in this journey toward sexual liberation.

Reconnecting with my body and reclaiming my sensuality is a revolutionary act.

Dance has always been such a sacred and liberating practice for me.

I had been intrigued with burlesque and pole, but I knew I wanted to experience it in a safe space alongside other Womxn of Color.

We warmed up with some sensual music and then got to watch Jenny perform the routine we were going to learn.

It was incredibly magical to see her in all of her glory.

I was shoooook. #metas hehe

I had such a blast learning the choreography. I found myself feeling more and more free to express my sensuality through movement as we rehearsed.

Eventually, I felt comfortable to take off my skirt and fully reveal my fit. Gahhh... I was feeling myself and it was an incredibly empowering feeling. Especially, sharing that divine feminine energy alongside other Mujeres of Color as they too stepped into their magic.

Dance is medicinal.

Experiencing the healing medicine of burlesque was yet another confirmation of how important it is to engage in embodied practices.

I become in my body. I lose myself through the motions that my body desires.

Body adornment and sensual dance specifically make me feel so confident and sexy. I was ready to go home and do a chair dance- for myself hehe... Unless you paying lol jk (not really kidding thoo).

Once we learned the full choreography, we got to perform it in groups for each other!

Okay, I can go on and on... but the connections I made within myself and with others in the space was incredible.

Following the class, I brought out my camera and we filmed the routine. Plus, I got to shoot some of the mujeres. We even did some family shots with Jenny, sus hermanas y mama.

I felt home. Home because I felt in my body. Home because I was surrounded by a community that celebrated each other.

Everything I have been praying for, I am receiving.

Ps: The song we were dancing to was 'Tusa' by Karol G, so every time I hear it playing on the radio, I start gigling and dancing. lol I love it.

Oh y - y'all can't even imagine the magia that Latin Burlesque x Femme Goddess Co. are brewing!

I connected with yet another spirit sister. I have been crying- pero of deep gratitude.

Okay, luego les cuento mas y quizás i'll share a bit of the video... Stay tuned hehe, Byessss!

Make sure to check out Jenny's work!

Jenny Viveros, LCSW

Latin Burlesque Creatress

Social Worker

Spiritual Womb Clinician

"Amar tu cuerpo es un acto de resistencia" - @latin_burlesque #vivebailasana

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