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December 15, 2019

Though embarking on my entrepreneurial journey has been beyond challenging and isolating, it has been incredibly transformative and liberating. So much of the inner work I had been doing over the past few years was done primarily on my own- in isolation. While I think that was an absolutely necessary part of my journey, I knew that it was time for me to be in community.

Latinas Who Brunch announced the gathering they were going to host at Pez Cantina in DTLA which I immediately felt called to attend.

This opportunity came up for me soon after having a "close friend" explicitly reveal themselves to me as a frenemie. In the past, experiencing something like this would diminish any hope for genuine friendships and result in distancing myself from everyone around me. This time, however, it was the complete opposite.

I instead made various commitments to myself...

I commit to being very intentional about the connections I choose to foster. I commit to honoring my intuition as it has proven right- time and time again.

Too often those around me become competitive, envious, etc. Being around others who genuinely care for and want to grow with one another is something I always longed for.

I decided to start tapping into those spaces who reflect core values of mine- which brought me here among so many incredible communities I am honored to be a part of.

Latinas Who Brunch is a group of powerful, local womxn who want to celebrate their cultural heritage, support each other and lift each other up over brunch.

I was all kinds of nervous porque putting myself out there is really hard and scary for me to do... pero me arregle y fugaa.

I immediately felt safe and supported. Surrounded by other Womxn of Color- many of which are entrepreneurs. There was so much overlap in the shared experiences that brought us together and what we were all seeking.

It felt incredible- like a breathe of fresh air.

It is happening... every day... every moment. Ascension. .

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Carson R
Carson R
Oct 07, 2021

Great reading your bllog

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