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In some traditions, the moon cycles are believed to be in correlation to life cycles. It has been a source of energy, femininity, and magic.

New moons are all about beginnings, visualization, and manifesting. Under a new moon, we are invited to visualize the steps needed for our dreams to come into fruition. We should then move forward with the intent of it being achieved because we trust in our, the moon, and the universe’s power.

Full moons are all about releasing, letting go, and shedding. Under a full moon, we are encouraged to reflect on what is no longer serving us and cleanse ourselves of negative energies.

There’s a plethora of rituals one can do for new and full moons. Some rituals work for some, and not for others and that's okay. It can take some time to find your own ritual. The more creative and specific the rituals are to you and your intentions, the better. The important thing is that your ritual honors yourself and feels right to your intentions.

We are excited to share that Femme Goddess Co will be coming out with a Ritual Guide that shares some practices that we personally engage in, reflection questions and both cleansing and intention setting rituals so be on the look out for that! :)

Written by: Jazmin Briones, Femme Goddess Co. Intern

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