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Back in January, Q26 announced their new program, SALON, that they were going to launch this year. Q26 is a Black and Womxn Owned Digital Media Collective and Creative Studio supporting LGBTQ+ creatives with a focus on People of Color. They offer creative services for small businesses, publish magazines that feature queer creatives of color, and produce original short films. SALON was designed to bring together a curated set of creatives that would support each other in both individual and group projects. For a six month period of time we would be provided with workshops, project direction, group show opportunities, promotion, and most importantly, community.

This was precisely the kind of space I longed for. After applying to the program, I was soon invited be a part of the inaugural cohort. Super agradecida. Con emoción y nervios. After only meeting a couple times, I felt so deeply connected to the incredible queer artists of color I had the honor to be surrounded by who created many different forms of art - writing, installations, music, podcasting, filmmaking, storytelling, screenwriting among so many mixed media work. I couldn't wait to see the magic we would create both individually and collectively.

While we only got to initiate our first project, due to the program being on hold - I knew that I was precisely where I needed to be. I'll share more about this in the near future, but OMG guess what had also happened? She was soon featured in QTYPE Magazine Volume 1, Issue 1 on fashion for the March edition! It was sooo cute and such a nice surprise!

Anyways, the people and spaces that I have been connecting with specifically over the past year has left me in complete awe. I am still processing the abundance of blessings that I have received, pero poco a poco she sharing a lil bit of that with y'all. While we can't continue the program at this time, collaborating with other BIQTPOC entrepreneurs, including Q26, is at the forefront of Femme Goddess Co.

We have co-curated and co-hosted with The Q26 for our open mic, MEDICINA. Stay tuned for future collaborations and eventually, our collective shows.

Instagram | @thequeer26

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